How to Create Custom Fields in Salesforce

Salesforce comes with object fields that users can use to store various types of record data. There are default object fields that automatically come in every Salesforce application. These fields are known as Standard Fields; tiy can edit them, but you can’t delete them. However, there’s also room for special fields that users create on their own. They’re called custom fields. This post will focus on custom fields-what they are and how to create them. (more…)

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Salesforce what is a lead

A Lead is used to store and track untouched prospects. Think of it as a business card. It’s simply someone’s name, their contact information and nothing else just yet. These are people who you could potentially do business with but have not yet qualified them since you are unsure if they are going to hire your products or services. For now, all that you know is that this is someone who may have some interest in your business. (more…)

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Salesforce what is a case

A Case is a customer support incident (feedback, problem, question) which can then be reviewed by support staff and later be turned into a task that will be resolved by the appropriate person. By using the Case functionality in Salesforce, you’re able to make the most out of every customer interaction and resolve issues in a quick, efficient, and organized manner. (more…)

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Salesforce what is an account

An Account is closely used with Contacts when managing working or closed relationships. It is your organization’s customer’s competitors, and partners. It represents the company or business entity and is stored in an accessible database until it is converted into a working relationship while the Contact is the Person which represents or is associated with an Account. (more…)

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Salesforce what is a record type

Record Types allow you to create a different page layout for different records within the same object. It’s where you can create different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts for different users. Having different Record Types allow you to separate different records and processes into different slices of the database. From there, you can then designate a different page layout for each record type that will be viewable by each user. (more…)

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Salesforce what is chatter

Chatter is a social and collaborative function of Salesforce which allows organizations to create communities from within the group. It’s where users can collaborate with each other and share their knowledge.

Users who already have a Salesforce account can use the application for free while those who don’t use Salesforce only need to pay $15 per user. Each person in the organization will have their own profile page where they can upload their picture as well as input work related information such as their role, manager, location, and contact information. (more…)

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Salesforce what is apex

APEX is a programming language that allows developers to create flow and transaction control. It gives developers access to Salesforce’ back-end database and client-server interfaces where they can create third-party applications to be used by customers. All Apex is interpreted, executed, and controlled using the platform. (more…)

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