What Is Visualforce in Salesforce?

Due to its traditional approach of maximizing the use of auto-generated controllers, many developers turn to Salesforce’s Visualforce. Aside from the potential of its 100 or so components, Visualforce allows developers to engineer their own components. It also enables embedding of formula languages for PDF generation, mobile rendering, component binding interaction, data, and action.


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What Is Drip Programs in Pardot

Sometimes, your leads aren’t just that ready to commit to sales actions. Or your leads might be anticipating something from you that needs to be given to them gently and continuously. To keep your leads engaged to your long-term marketing campaigns, you’d often have to send them several marketing emails at a specific time frame. And this is what Drip Programs in Salesforce Pardot does. (more…)

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What Is Salesforce® Engage

Successful businesses thrive because of good product sales coupled with effective marketing methods. Thus, marketing and sales need to work collaboratively in order to push a company towards successful operations. And these two departments need data about current and prospective customers to guide them in creating effective marketing and sales solutions. (more…)

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What Is Email Builder in Pardot

Reaching out to your business prospects with finesse and ease might seem a bit hard. Imagine sending several marketing emails to them at a certain timeframe, and making sure each email presents marketing information in an eye-catching manner. Does this email-creating task make you feel overwhelmed? Now, don’t be. Salesforce has included a handy email creator under the Pardot marketing solution software. Read on to find out more about Pardot’s Email Builder. (more…)

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What Is NetSuite Connector in Pardot

Most of the time, your business’s marketing projects need lots of customer and prospect data. These data might then be stored and managed from various CRM platforms. But how would you properly manage your marketing solutions if your data is scattered across several platforms?

In Salesforce Pardot, connecting to other search platforms and third-party apps becomes easier with NetSuite Connector. What is this feature, and how can it help you manage your data more effectively? (more…)

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What Is Workflow Rule?

In Salesforce, a workflow rule is the automation of standard and repetitive processes. It works in accordance with a pre-configured set of criteria, and offers support for all browsers.

Compared to other Salesforce automation tools (e.g. Visual Workflow, Approvals, and Process Builder), a Workflow’s execution style is relatively simple due to a rule. Once the conditions of an if/then statement (a single one) are met, actions will then be automated. (more…)

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What is Tag Cloud in Salesforce?

Your organization may need access to data across all objects in your Salesforce records. This is something that the View and Report function can’t provide. The View and Report can only give you data from a certain object and not from all objects. Getting data from all objects is possible only with the Tags function.

However, searchable data through the Tags function are only those that are related to a certain keyword. This and the inability to run a report (based on Tags) are two of the drawbacks of this function. (more…)

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How to Add the Pardot Lists View in Pardot

Pardot allows you to create and maintain lists that keep track of your prospect’s information. List views must be enabled in Pardot to help you manage these lists more effectively. This post teaches you why lists are important, how to create lists, and how to add List Management Views in Pardot and in your CRM system. (more…)

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