What Is Community Expert in Salesforce

You’ll often have several Salesforce users that excel in their specialties within your organization. Some may be good in Apex codes; others may have a good grasp of creating help texts in Knowledge; any others may be doing well in Salesforce Campaigns.

The vast number of business goals that Salesforce encompasses and seeks to simplify paved the way for the rise of Salesforce community experts. Who exactly are these people, and how can somebody become one?


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What Is Chatter Feed in Salesforce

Keeping up with your colleagues in Salesforce is possible. Salesforce Chatter enables you and your colleagues to post various updates about your company’s business plans, goals, and Salesforce ideas. The Chatter feed is where you can find all these posts from you and your colleagues.

This post will give you more information about Salesforce Chatter Feed.


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How to set up revenue schedule in Salesforce

In the Salesforce CRM, you can also create a revenue schedule but you must first set up the necessary product schedules from which the former will be based on. Basically, your product reports will provide the data necessary for the program to create corresponding payments and revenue reports.


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What is Channel Manager in Salesforce

A company may have partner organizations to manage, and may subsequently include them in their Salesforce platforms through a partner account. Portals may be enabled to help internal channel managers in managing these partner accounts and users. Who are channel managers, and what are their roles in your Salesforce organization?


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What is @mention in Salesforce

Salesforce Chatter allows you to freely interact with your company colleagues in terms of exchanging ideas, sharing relevant data, and collaborating on different projects. Because you’ll be virtually talking to several colleagues at once, you’re free to @mention anyone you want to directly talk to. This post will help you understand what @mentions are and how to use them.


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What Is Campaign ROI in Salesforce

Are your company’s campaigning efforts worth it in fulfilling your business goals? Or have your efforts become too much that a feasible return of investment is not attainable?

Companies often calculate their ROI or return of investment to determine if their campaigning efforts have been successful in drawing customers and prospects into their business. Good return of investment means that whatever it is that your company has put forth to advertising and marketing campaigns have paid off well in the form of a steady stream of prospects and customers.

Salesforce can help in calculating your company’s campaign ROI. This post shares more information about ROIs reporting in Salesforce.


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What is Data Category for Articles in Salesforce

Presenting your end-clients with an effective DIY solution to solve their possible inquiries is a good way to help engage them and gain good customer service points. Giving them options to access a collection of helpful text in a help center is a good idea to provide customer service even without your live online assistance.

Salesforce Knowledge supports the creation of several articles that could be used as help texts for your website and for other Salesforce users within your company’s organization. These articles use data categories for better classification. What are data categories and how do they help in organizing data used by your Salesforce Knowledge agents?


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What is Apex Connector Framework in Salesforce

The vast amount of data you store and use in Salesforce still might not be enough to facilitate your company’s needs. That is why you’ll likely need to connect to data sources that are outside of your Salesforce organization. Salesforce Connect allows this through the use of Apex Connector Framework. What exactly is this framework and how does it help your organization’s Salesforce goals?


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How to use Salesforce console integration toolkit

As you continue using the Salesforce CRM, you will unlock different tools that will make your sessions more effective and efficient over time. There is a feature known as the Salesforce console integration toolkit and it is ideal for those who need quick access to updated information. Aside from helping them find the data that they need when they need it, this toolkit will also make it possible for them to create records in no time flat. (more…)

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