All about Junction Object in Salesforce

No single data in Salesforce is virtually alone. Vast amounts of data in your Salesforce platform are often interrelated business concepts, and can be linked together by several connected objects. Relationships are then built among these connected objects in order for them to perform their best job in keeping data available and updated for all your business needs.

You can create three main relationship types in Salesforce. Among these relationships is the Many-to-Many Relationship. To facilitate the creation of such a relationship, junction objects are needed to link two interrelated objects together. (more…)

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What Is Half Life in Salesforce

Salesforce Ideas is a great platform for sharing thoughts that turn into useful innovations. Org members can freely express their ideas, discuss on each idea, vote on ideas they think are worthy, and work with other org members collaboratively to achieve success. Ideas is a transparent community that speaks for itself and brings abundant learnings and growth to its members.

Community members are free to post ideas that they think are relevant to their business. But sometimes, certain ideas that were once fresh and relevant become relatively obsolete as time goes by. To prevent the build-up of obsolete ideas on the platform, Salesforce came up with a feature called half-life. (more…)

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