How to Run Custom Console Component in Salesforce

Have you ever noticed how important customization is every time you create a new app? You might need to create some components that will make your app easier and flexible to use. And to do this, you may incorporate a custom console component to your developing app.

Console components are important elements when customizing a certain console in Salesforce. They may seem a bit overwhelming at first because of the many possibilities you can make with them. But you will see that it works in quite a simple manner. (more…)

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How to Use Cloud Flow Designer in Salesforce

Flows are an integral part of business planning. They’re used to clearly define steps in a business engagement, as well as what to do when a customer sends out either a positive or negative reaction to one of the flow steps.

You may also create flows to guide you in creating responsive websites that take your prospects and customers into a clear path within marketing and sales.

While there are some easy-to-understand short flows, there could also be elaborate ones. How can you create such a flow for your organization easily without the use of coding tools? Salesforce Cloud Flow Designer is the answer. (more…)

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How to Create Business Account in Salesforce

Quality data management is a must within every company. Every day, your company generates data about company allies and competitors alike. Information about and from these businesses help you shape your own enterprise and provide clues about how your market is doing.

Company data are essentially different from an individual person’s data. That is why Salesforce came up with an account to help you manage all your business data seamlessly. Learn how to setup a Salesforce Business Account in this quick tutorial. (more…)

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How Do I Configure Article Manager in Salesforce?

Your entire organization relies on Salesforce Knowledge to help create useful content for your end-clients. Here, you can create value-laden articles that will give your clients a boost in the self-service learning department.

But articles created under Salesforce Knowledge need to be managed properly before they go live in your company website. Article Manager services are actually available for you to use; but you have to make sure that the Articles and Article Management tabs appear in your platform. And you need to have Article Managers in your team as well. (more…)

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