What Is Approval Process In Salesforce

The approval process takes Automation in Salesforce one notch higher. This automated process deals with how records in the system get approved. Since this process takes things into autopilot, you will have to define certain rules for approval as well as certain criteria.

Note that in the Approval Process, a record can end up getting rejected. It can also be recalled, or it can also undergo an approval for firs submission. All of these will be handled using Developer defined steps. You can define a single step approval and a multi-step approval process. (more…)

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Why Use Salesforce for Healthcare

The entire healthcare industry is taking a modernized spin today. Electronic Health Records that are used to facilitate patient data in hospitals and other care settings are gradually being replaced by modern CRM tools, such as Salesforce Healthcare CRM.

Why are healthcare providers and hospital owners encouraged to use Salesforce programs for Healthcare? (more…)

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Customer Experience and AI: A Practical Guide for Data-Driven Decision Making

You know very well that you need to take into consideration your customer’s holistic experiences if you want to reach out and score sales with him or her. But how would you know about your customer’s needs if you don’t reach out to him prior to the sale proper? The simplest solution would be to gather data about your prospective customer.
This short article will give you information about data-driven decision making and its relation to augmented intelligence and customer experience. (more…)

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Augmented Intelligence and the Future of Selling

The sales world embarks on a new journey as Augmented Intelligence steps into the gameplay. People working in sales teams have now begun incorporating Augmented Intelligence to their everyday work activities.

What is it about Augmented Intelligence that makes it a major shifter in the way sales are conducted and won? Could this new technology positively influence the sales world, yet move human minds out of the sales picture? (more…)

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Five Strategies to Drive a Successful Salesforce Lightning Transition

Perhaps your company is using Salesforce Classic for quite some time now. Then suddenly, you decide to make a switch to Salesforce Lightning. Some of the deciding factors for this large switch could be:

  • Better cloud-based features
  • More streamlined and upgraded user interface
  • Features that simplify tasks such as the Activity Timeline workspace

Salesforce Lightning is an overall amazing upgrade to the already amazing Salesforce Classic. If migrating your existing Salesforce Classic data to Lightning is imminent in your organization, you’d have to work doubly hard to encourage everyone to get on the same boat after learning the benefits of Lightning to your team. (more…)

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5 Steps for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Using Salesforce means that your business has to be run in a completely new light. This powerful tool is indeed helpful, but with the numerous features and systems that it possesses, learning and implementing this CRM in your business could become challenging.

The overwhelming nature of Salesforce comes from the fact that the platform is designed to cover a wide range of business activities. If your company is new to Salesforce, getting everyone on board might be difficult because you’re exposing them to such an innovative system that they might feel powerless and helpless about the integration process.

But you can actually lessen the burden of Salesforce implementation, engage everyone on your team, and make the switch successfully. Here are effective steps to do this: (more…)

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Grow Your Business with Salesforce AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already dawned upon us all. We experience AI in several things – chats with customer services representatives, detecting fraudulent products, managing data collected from leads, and even ordering products online.

The power of artificial intelligence stretches far and beyond our daily activities. As such, why not readily tap into this modern resource to help your own business grow and improve? (more…)

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