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2018 Salesforce Equal Pay Assessment Update

Equal pay has been the subject of multiple conversations across industries for years. As a company, Salesforce firmly believes in the value and need for equality not only in the workplace but also in other facets of life. Apart from the different activities that they engage in to see these through, they have also made certain that all their employees enjoy the same opportunities for work, pay, and professional growth.

Taking a Stand on Pay Equality

In 2015, the company began reviewing their compensation protocols and saw to it that all employees were able to receive the same level of wages for the kind of work that they do. Basically, equal pay applies to equal work. Compensation was reviewed on an annual basis and the company has since shelled out over $6 million dollars to fill any gaps that existed or remained.

Because of this action, gone were the days when equally-sufficient workers earned less because of their gender, age, tenure, or race. What’s admirable about Salesforce is that they’re a company that believes such an initiative needs to be continuous.

And as a result of their efforts, wages have been adjusted, employees are happier, and the company has gained knowledge in other factors leading to salary discrepancies. This knowledge is of high value as it can help not only Salesforce but other companies to improve their internal processes in the line of workplace equality.

 Creating More Opportunities 

With more satisfied employees comes a more rapid pace of growth and the company is expecting to hire several thousands of new workers in the years to come. In the meantime, they are still improving their salary standardization processes to ensure that new hires won’t have to experience any more wage gaps. The company is also seeking ways to share what they’ve learned with other industries in the hopes of closing the wage gap altogether.

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