How Digital Identity Drives Customer Experience and Engagement

Excellent digital identity management is important to improve a customer’s digital business experience. Businesses are moving from physical to digital transactions, and the customer’s digital identity and security must be protected in order to increase customer satisfaction and experience. Salesforce understands this, that’s why they introduced the concept of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). (more…)

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How to Use the Public Calendar in Salesforce

Salesforce lets its users create Calendars to keep track of their meetings with prospects, colleagues, and existing customers. Calendars can even be used to track campaigns that a team has been undertaking.

There’s even a better feature that Salesforce gives its users. Organization members are now free to share their Calendars to colleagues, groups, and subordinates. This is done using the Public Calendar feature available both in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

This post will show you how a Public Calendar is used and why it must be utilized by an organization. (more…)

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What Is the Campaign ROI on Salesforce

You will know if your marketing campaigns have become successful if you will measure its outcome against the investment of time, money, manpower, and effort you put into it. Business owners, executives, and employees always yearn to know if they reaped good return of investments before concluding that their marketing strategies and campaigns were a success.

Salesforce came up with a tool to help you track your organization’s campaigns and check if you have indeed profited against the marketing investments you have done. This tool is the report called Campaign ROI. (more…)

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Einstein, Salesforce’s AI Now Prioritizes Prospects with High Potential

As a sales team member, you are bombarded with a lot of prospects and accounts to deal with. Some of them might not be potentially lucrative to deal with, but some of them definitely are. The idea of filtering out your prospects so that those who have good potential for business should be dealt with first, but this process could be overwhelming to your team.

Salesforce then steps in to help you out. Salesforce Einstein introduced Account-Based Marketing (ABM) last June 2017 with the aim of achieving intelligent B2B marketing strategies for a business’s high-potential prospects. (more…)

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Integrates with Google Analytics 360

When two equally powerful business data analyzing tools combine together, the result is more effective leads, better engagement of prospects, and an overall improved business for both the marketers and the end customers.
This is the vision of both Google and Salesforce, and they now come together to help businesses improve their performances and their streamline their marketing processes. This they do with the fusion of Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud. (more…)

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