What is Change Data Capture Basics Module?

Companies have a large amount of customer and corporate data which are stored not just on Salesforce, but on other external platforms as well. The need to work on massive amounts of data from other platforms have led Salesforce to develop ways to easily transfer and reconcile these external data towards the Salesforce platform. Hence, they created the Change Data Capture feature on Salesforce Lightning Experience. (more…)

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Technology Should Serve Humanity

Technology should be in service of the human, not the other way around’. With technology being available to more people around the world, we can’t help but wonder if the technology is slowing replacing humans and humanity. More organizations are implementing artificial intelligence or AI and realizing its power. Many society sectors are asking profound ethical and social questions on how AI should and can be used responsibly. (more…)

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PledgeOne Has Grown to More Than 8500 Companies

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving and just after the more recognized Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, the US celebrate #GivingTuesday. This wonderful day is the start of the charitable season – a time for people to focus on giving during the coming festive holidays. Since its launch in 2012, people from all works of life have given more than $1 billion to #GivingTuesday causes. It has grown into a movement that supports and celebrates philanthropy and giving and is marked by annual events. (more…)

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More Shoppers Are Using Their Phones to Shop

Black Friday used to be synonymous with shopping mall stampedes. Customers would line up outside the shop the night before it opens and then run in like crazy when it does. This year is different, though. Shoppers didn’t wait outside. Instead, they shopped online the whole week and purchases peaked during the night of Thanksgiving as shown by the data gathered by Salesforce. This is the first time that mobile purchases topped online Thanksgiving purchases. (more…)

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