Salesforce what is chatter

Chatter is a social and collaborative function of Salesforce which allows organizations to create communities from within the group. It’s where users can collaborate with each other and share their knowledge.

Users who already have a Salesforce account can use the application for free while those who don’t use Salesforce only need to pay $15 per user. Each person in the organization will have their own profile page where they can upload their picture as well as input work related information such as their role, manager, location, and contact information. (more…)

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Salesforce what is apex

APEX is a programming language that allows developers to create flow and transaction control. It gives developers access to Salesforce’ back-end database and client-server interfaces where they can create third-party applications to be used by customers. All Apex is interpreted, executed, and controlled using the platform. (more…)

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How salesforce works

As a business grows, it’s important to be equipped with technology that helps you manage growing complex data. This is what CRMs like Salesforce does. It allows you to manage information and interaction customers all in one central location. Staff from the sales and marketing department have greatly benefited from this integrated CRM system for its ability to sales, marketing, and support processes. (more…)

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