What is a Salesforce API?

Application Programming Interfaces allow different organizations and businesses to connect their web applications. What Salesforce does is to act as a hub where all these applications connect to.

Salesforce then becomes the center of data analysis, automation, dashboard, workflow, and reporting. APIs allow different applications to communicate and thereby share data. This makes them readily accessible to other systems on the web. (more…)

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What is Apex Connector Framework in Salesforce

The Apex Connector Framework is used to create a custom adapter that will be used for Salesforce Connect. Simply put, it is a set of both classes and methods that are provided by the DataSource namespace.

This framework allows you to make customized adapters. Your organization can then use these custom adapters to connect to data located on an outside source. They give you additional resources that you can use when the adapters in Salesforce Connect doesn’t meet your needs. (more…)

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