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Salesforce acquire Datorama

Following its integration to Marketing Cloud Einstein and to Google 360, Salesforce has welcomes another leading company in its roster of acquisitions: Datorama. Such announcement was made public by Bob Stutz, Marketing Cloud CEO and Chief Analytics Officer for Salesforce.


Datorama is known as the leading AI-powered marketing intelligence platform for agencies, enterprises, and publishers around the world. Its roster of clients includes PepsiCo, Foursquare, Unilever, Trivago, Ticketmaster, Pernod Ricard, Nike, IBM, and Viacom.


The acquisition offers marketers and key decision-makers a more enhanced system for generating smart insights on how well their marketing campaigns are performing. It also provides them access to a wider range of information and tools in order to gather, analyze, and interpret marketing data, and to make fact-based decisions based on such data. To top it off, clients will now enjoy the benefit of being able to access the marketing information they need through a single interface.


Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is known to utilize efficient systems when it comes to tracing the customer journey from start to finish. Its cloud-based applications allow marketers and decision-makers to identify a customer’s entry point in the marketing chain, the revenue point in the process, and the opportunity point that causes marketing campaigns to get innovative.

Such assess to various data sources across multiple marketing channels mean that marketers will not only be given the ability to create more effective marketing campaigns. It also means that they have control over it through the AI-based information provided by Datorama’s systems.

The success of Datorama has been evident among its roster of clients. Ticketmaster, for example, has used Datorama to keep their information unified, clean, and updated. This resulted to its revenue increasing by more than 30%, its KPI performance improving by more than 30%, and a savings of 120 hours despite having to run 2000 campaigns per month.

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