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What is Call Center Integration Module?

Isn’t it satisfying to get 24/7 help from a company about a certain product or service you’ve been using? You have a question about your purchased product in the middle of the night, so you pick up the phone, dial the customer service number, and get help by speaking to a company representative. Convenient, isn’t it?

This type of convenience is what clients look for in a company. Clients will most likely need help and support about the various products or services a company offers. It’s important for a company to implement a quality customer support service system to meet their client’s needs and expectations.

Salesforce understands this vital company need, and that is why they have created the Service Cloud Implementation. But the Service Cloud feature might seem too intimidating because of its powerful abilities. Hence, Salesforce came up with the Call Center Integration Module to help its company clients harness this feature properly.

Call Center Integration Module Defined

Call Center Integration for Lightning Experience is a 35-minute module that aims to introduce the Call Center feature of Salesforce Service Cloud to users and reps. It covers the basics of setting up and running a Call Center from within the Salesforce platform.

What to Learn Under This Module?

This learning module is divided into three short units:

  • Learn About Call Center

This 10-minute unit covers the basics of phone support. It defines what a call center is, explains basic call center terminologies, and shows learners the basics of planning and setting up a Salesforce-powered call center system. Learners are also introduced to CTI – the vehicle behind the call center set-up process.

  • Define Your Call Center

This is a 15-minute unit that tackles Call Center Definition files and its role in running an Open CTI call center. A step-by-step guide to adding definition files in Salesforce is also included. There is a simulation hands-on challenge at the end of the unit to help learners test their skills in creating a call center with definition files.

  • Add Users and a Softphone to the Call Center

This is a 10-minute unit which talks about managing call center users, adding softphones to the service console, and viewing the softphone within the console. Another hands-on challenge must be completed by learners at the end of the unit.

In a Nutshell

Call Center Integration for Lightning Experience module is an easy-to-understand learning guide for beginners in the Salesforce Service Cloud. It can be accessed under the Get Started with Service Cloud for Lightning Experience trail.

Completing this module gives users the basic knowledge and skills needed to create and manage a call center, hence, contributing to a good customer service system for their respective companies.

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