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What Is Channel Management and Partner Portal Strategy Module?

Channel sales practice has become a large vehicle for product movement and commerce throughout the globe. This method involves brokers, distributors or value-added resellers vending off products from several manufacturers. Almost 80% of the world’s goods are sold through this commerce strategy.

But channel sales practice is typically mistaken for direct-selling. Businesses engaged in channel sales now find it hard to develop and manage their channels properly due to the misconception that they are the same with direct-selling.

Salesforce helps you better understand channel sales through this module called Channel Management and Partner Portal Strategy. Find out more about it in this post.

Defining the Module

Channel Management and Partner Portal Strategy Module is Salesforce’s online self-learning module that deals with how to develop, manage, and grow your channel sales practice. It delineates what channel sales is all about and differentiates it from other practices, most especially direct-selling.

The module consists of 5 short units and can be completed in a bit under an hour. Each unit covers basic concepts on channel strategy development, goal-setting, channel partner recruitment, and channel sales management. You can complete a unit in around 10 minutes.

This module is part of a series of Trailhead modules under the Manage Your Partner Relationships with Sales Cloud PRM trail.

Units Preview

Here are the five units under the module. Take a peek at the plethora of information you’ll learn from each of them:

  • Develop Your Channel Strategy

Learn the basics of channel sales in this unit. You’ll be introduced to the channel strategy, corporate objectives, channel conflicts, the right products to sell, and the elements of partner success.

  • Establish the Foundation of Your Portal

This unit will teach you how to set up a good partner portal strategy for your business. You will encounter essential concepts on executive sponsorship, use cases, mapping member journeys, and defining staffing roles.

  • Set Goals for Your Channel

Learn all about creating effective channel goals and aligning them with your overall business goals. Key metrics to use in the partner lifecycle are enumerated. The importance of internal reporting plans is also explained here.

  • Recruit and Onboard Your Channel Partners

This unit focuses on recruiting the right partners and educating them about your business through adequate onboarding processes. You’ll learn about content strategy and promotion plans as well.

  • Manage and Grow Your Channel

Essential elements in managing and expanding your channel will be explained here. You’ll understand concepts such as deal registration, lead distribution, and market development fund programs.

The Wrap-Up

Salesforce provides its users with lots of insight and information regarding channel sales and partnerships through its Channel Management and Partner Portal Strategy Module. This easy-to-read learning material is brimming with best practices to help you manage your channel management and bring out the best in your organization.

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