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5 Key Traits for High Performing Marketing Organizations

Matthew Sweezy, the principal for Marketing Insights for Salesforce, has interviews over 7,000 marketers from around the world in order to highlight the top five key traits of high-performing marketing organizations. Here’s the result.


The key is personalization. Back in the early days of marketing, customers are simply forced into our marketing journey because we make their path absolute. Now, there’s that stress in positive customer experience that we invest in marketing data analysis tool and processes in order to ensure that the experience is consistently positive regardless of where they’re coming from.

Agile Workflows

Agile workflows are built on connectedness in order to build a single, solid experience. This means that in order for a single process to reach agility, input must come from all teams involved at every step of the process. Afterwards, a single employee looks at the entire process and suggests improvements in order for the teams to design sub-steps in the process that is consistent from beginning to end.

Future-Focused Analytics

ROI has been the primary metric that marketing organizations look at in order to evaluate their success. That single metric alone isn’t so insightful nowadays. In an age where companies are investing for the future, marketing organizations also need to consider putting weight on all of their marketing initiatives to measure its impact and to identify directions in the future.

Growing Budgets

Successful marketing organizations increase their budgets and they know what they need to do get it. The strategy is classic: prove to executives that what’s’ being done now is either working or not working. But it doesn’t stop there. Marketers push their luck by laying out stretch goals to justify stretch budgets. If the stretch budget is approved, then they get more than the actual budget that they need.

Executive Buy-In

Customers go through several touch points on their journey. And if there are people who know why a marketing plan must be airtight, it’s the marketers themselves. The challenge is getting executives to buy into a new initiative, idea, product, or service. And the key to do just that is to have them or a consultant try it for themselves. Without a buy-in, the road to high performance can be really challenging.





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