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5 Steps for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Using Salesforce means that your business has to be run in a completely new light. This powerful tool is indeed helpful, but with the numerous features and systems that it possesses, learning and implementing this CRM in your business could become challenging.

The overwhelming nature of Salesforce comes from the fact that the platform is designed to cover a wide range of business activities. If your company is new to Salesforce, getting everyone on board might be difficult because you’re exposing them to such an innovative system that they might feel powerless and helpless about the integration process.

But you can actually lessen the burden of Salesforce implementation, engage everyone on your team, and make the switch successfully. Here are effective steps to do this:

1. Define your organization’s specific objectives and desired outcomes.

There’s always a reason why your company thinks that integrating to a powerful CRM like Salesforce is a good idea. Build upon that reason, whatever it is, and outline a set of specific objectives and desired outcomes around it. Not only would these objectives and presumed outcomes keep your entire team focused throughout the integration, it also serves as a benchmark to measure your progress as a team.

2. Start creating plans.

First of all, find an executive within your company who clearly understands why Salesforce implementation is needed and what positive changes it’ll bring. This person will champion your integration process to the company’s higher ups.

Second, start outlining the tasks needed to be done. Estimate the timeline you’ll need to finish all these tasks successfully. Remember that your goal is to migrate to Salesforce properly, not in a rush, but in a realistically adequate amount of time.

3. Let everyone in on the planned Salesforce implementation.

Let your entire team know the planned integration activities. Show them the advantages of getting in on the Salesforce implementation. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a hard time pushing your team to success if they’re not sold out on the idea beforehand.

4. Nominate a go-to CRM person.

Things won’t always go well during an implementation. Team members might have a hard time with technical stuff, while others may simply refuse to move away from their old ways. Hence, nominating a knowledgeable point person is key to help your members get the support they need to successfully and continuously get engaged in Salesforce implementation.

5. Stick with the basics.

You don’t have to obsess over each little detail or feature in Salesforce. Focus on the basics, and familiarize yourselves with the key features that are compatible with your data and previous systems. You’ll still reap quality business value even if you learn just the basics; learning the intricacies will only waste your time and will not really contribute much to your business value.

Summing It Up

Salesforce implementation is indeed a challenging time for any company wishing to adopt it. But you can ease out the burdens, successfully integrate with Salesforce, and start driving your business higher if you follow the proper way to work on implementing Salesforce in your company.

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