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@ABBgroupnews is Connecting Processes Through Salesforce

@ABBgroupnews is Connecting Processes Through Salesforce

See how @ABBgroupnews is connecting their processes on a single platform through Salesforce. They are writing the future of tech, AI, and machines to drive sales and customer service in real time.

About ABB Group

ABB is a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation and is the leader in automation and power technology. They are based off Zurich, Switzerland.

Their operations mainly focus on automation technology, heavy electrical equipment, power, and robotics.

The company was founded in 1988 through a merger between General Swedish Electrical Limited Company (ASEA) and Brown, Boveri & Cie (BBC).

ABB is a publicly traded company with stocks being traded in the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stockholm in the US. Their stocks are also traded at home on the SIX Swiss Exchange, in Zurich.

A Powerful Collaborative Agreement

They signed a global agreement with Salesforce which will greatly enhance the collaboration between the sales and service teams of both companies. Both companies are currently working together to enhance ABB’s platform to consolidate their processes.

This will transform ABB’s platform into one that is open and shared as well. The goal is to improve their capability to interact with customers as well as with industry partners.

ABB is now ideally positioned to drive organic growth across all processes, which will boost both their productivity and profitability. Their newly designed platform will allow more flexible collaboration.

With the help of Salesforce, a shift to a heavier focus on customer service has been made. It has increased both the effectiveness and responsiveness of their outreach.

Salesforce provides a deeper industry experience that transformed ABB’s former legacy CRM systems. During that migration, all information from the previous customer relationship management system was made available ABB’s entire sales organization.

ABB and Salesforce form a rather natural synergy. Both drive innovation, better customer service, and improved sales. This will ultimately benefit their customers spread across 100 nations worldwide.

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