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Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics

Businesses in the electronics and home appliances industry face challenges like any other trade. These difficulties often hinder in delivering value customer service and quality products to their customers.

The inability to implement proper monitoring of internal activities is one of many challenges ALJE has faced. It rose over the challenge through the goal-driven solutions from its Cloudworks partnership.

After years of successfully delivering quality products and service, Abdul Lateef Jameel Electronics proudly launches its new retail stores and website “redsea” – An Omni channel, one-stop shop for electronics, appliances and air conditioning that provides premium and quality global brands at affordable prices.

Background on ALJE:

Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics and Air Conditioning or ALJE is a company established over a decade ago.

Its creation resulted from the increase of the demand for quality electronics and home appliances in Saudi Arabia.

The late Abdul Latif Jameel founded the company in 1945 with deep roots in varying regions of the world.

It boasts of strong associations with market leaders, making it one of the recognized electronics providers in the world.

Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics logo Customer Story Cloudworks
Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics logo Customer Story Cloudworks

What ALJE Needs:

ALJE has a number of challenges in its daily business operations in need of solutions. These are:

  • The need for a centralized system allowing ALJE’s sales team to track all of the business’s activities and channels. The company also aims to outline a structured opportunity process for consistent management of all their orders.

  • The need for suitable sales process unique to how every department works. ALJE stresses the sales process remains easy to use and consistent for facilitating quick adoption.

  • The demand for mobility for the 100+ Saudi Arabian users of each ALJE department. Providing additional training and sensibly executed change management is critical to implementation.

  • The Oracle’s limited accessibility with its use of paper for processing of an order and lack of sales team’s 360-degree view of the customer. This necessitates ALJE to look for ways the sales team can spend more time on visiting customers and selling than filing papers.

  • The strict approval by ALJE’s complex product structure before any order processing. Maintainable structure is necessary to allow change based on the team structure and strategy of the company.

  • The necessity for the ability to outline control pricing, limitation, and promotions to be maintainable for easy adaptation of new policies every year.

  • The need to turn the Credit Control to be paperless for processing of higher daily transaction volumes. It is entirely possible using a laptop or mobile device for processing without exporting credit reports from the company’s back-end system.

  • Lastly, the demand to find a way to display a new product without the need to hand a magazine or a brochure. It means helping customers to be updated about ALJE’s new products regularly.

Salesforce-Driven ALJE Solutions:

Keeping in mind the challenges mentioned above, Cloudworks developed Salesforce-driven solutions resolving each challenge mentioned above.

  • Utilizing Salesforce to develop a tough but easy-to-use system implementing Opportunity lifecycle with the Oracle model integration.

  • The Salesforce system ensures the streamlining of the daily activities of each department’s users. Every department has an accurate view of customer database by sharing single customer information. This allows them to work independently within a single platform.

  • A solution which helps users to keep track records and plan the next step while also attending on every action on the notification. This system ensures not a single opportunity missed.

  • Using Salesforce, Cloudworks sets up an advanced approval process to send varying opportunities in real time to the appropriate individual. It gives the marketing team and credit control the ability to review every detail about the customer before approval.

  • The Salesforce solution allows direct collaboration with the sales team through Chatter, its own social network. Chatter is effective in increasing order volume and productivity.

  • Salesforce’s Oracle integration gives the team the ability to use any device with an Internet connection to process orders. It provides the ability of full invoicing, which gives the team accurate customer visibility and easy customer engagement.

  • A completely mobility-adapted system, which everyone in Saudi Arabia has been taking advantage since the new feature’s release.

  • The system includes product catalog for iPads so ALJE is able to display all its new products easily. It also comes with easy tracking of one’s interest. New products are added and released instantly within the device through Salesforce.

  • The new system resolves the change management by keeping admins as well as top-level users involved with the whole implementation process. Cloudworks used Salesforce to conduct training for the 100+ departments and users thus giving them the ability to troubleshoot if the system has bugs and assist other system users.
Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics logo Customer Story Cloudworks 4

The Outcome:

Cloudworks’ Salesforce-driven solutions were, in truth, not simple. The process was linked directly to financial process and revenue of ALJE. This was certainly a sensitive task as it deals for the integrity of data.

But when implemented, the system has effectively resolved ALJE’s challenges by empowering both the company and customers through Salesforce and Oracle’s integration.

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