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According to Google, Salesforce Is one of the Most Searched and Desired CRM Solutions

CRM solutions abound in the technological niche today. However, one CRM provider stands out among the rest, as reported by Google. It’s Salesforce, and it’s also one of the most searched and desired CRM provider for companies who would like to improve their customer relationships.

Salesforce Tops Google Trends

Google decided to compare CRM provider brands by checking out which one was the most searched on their platform.

Google Trends included Salesforce in their list of five CRMs, which also included Dynamics CRM, Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM, and Zoho. They also covered a five-year period range, which ended in December 2015 to view the comparison in a long-term light.

They only listed five brands that mostly come up in tech conversations because Google Trends can only compare up to five terms at a time.

The results were published in January 2016, and Salesforce topped the list. “Salesforce” got the highest number of searches within this five-year period. Salesforce consistently had a higher volume of searches compared to the other four CRM brands, even if it is viewed on a weekly basis for the span of five years.

Most Desired CRM Brand

Salesforce has also become the most desired CRM brand for businesses as it continues to lead in the cloud computing industry. Several companies both from the high-end brands to the lowly start-ups utilize Salesforce to simplify their customer relationship needs. It’s no surprise that several other businesses want to follow suit.

The company has also taken several high-profile acquisitions since its formation in 1999. Acquisitions and collaborations with companies (such as Google itself) strengthened many of Salesforce’s cloud-based programs and cemented their CRM products’ credibility, usefulness, and efficiency. This is another reason many companies would also like to utilize Salesforce’s products for their own management.


Google found out that Salesforce is the most searched CRM brand in 2016 and is also the most desired CRM product of companies contemplating to use CRM programs. Google Trends results have spoken, and Salesforce has gotten way ahead of its fellow CRM companies.

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