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How to Add the Pardot Lists View in Pardot

Pardot allows you to create and maintain lists that keep track of your prospect’s information. List views must be enabled in Pardot to help you manage these lists more effectively. This post teaches you why lists are important, how to create lists, and how to add List Management Views in Pardot and in your CRM system.

Why Use Lists?

Lists contain prospects information that are grouped together by a Pardot user. Lists are used for forming an email-sending list and for creating Engagement Programs. Lists also allow Pardot users to view mailable prospects, and its percentage from the total number of prospects as a whole.

Creating New Lists

Here are the steps in creating a new prospect list:

  1. From the Pardot interface, go to the Marketing Tab.
  2. Choose Segmentation, then click on Lists.
  3. Click on the + Add List button.
  4. Enter a Name, then choose which Folder to save the list to.
  5. Add optional Tags to identify the list.
  6. Choose whether the new list will be used as an Email Test List or as a Dynamic List.
  7. Set optional preferences accordingly. There are choices to add an Archive Date for making the list inactive at some point in time, or mark the list as a Public List, and a CRM Visible option if you are connected to a CRM.
  8. Save by clicking on Create List.

Once done, you’re free to add your prospects to the new list.

Enabling the Prospect List Management View

If your Pardot interface is linked with a CRM, you may use an iframe or a Salesforce Visualforce element to manage your prospect’s list subscriptions. Follow these steps to enable your List View under your specific CRM Connector:

  1. Go to Administration, then select Connectors.
  2. Locate the small gear icon and click it.
  3. Choose Edit for your particular CRM Connector.
  4. Tick the box beside the option Allow Editing of Prospect lists within the CRM.
  5. Click on Save Connector.

You may now proceed to selecting which lists your clients would like to appear in their respective list management iframe. Do this by following these steps:

  1. Click the Marketing tab from the Pardot standard interface.
  2. Go to Segmentation, then select Lists.
  3. Select the lists you want to be available within your CRM, then edit them accordingly.
  4. Mark the lists as CRM Visible. Note that this can only be done for static lists. Also note that Allow Editing of
  5. Prospect lists within CRM must be enabled prior to doing this.

Enabling List Views in Pardot is simple and fast. Turning on this views option allows you to keep track of your prospects’ information easily within the CRM Connector your Pardot interface is linked to.

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