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All about Entitlement Template in Salesforce

Entitlement templates allow organizations to predefine the type of support that can be given to purchasers of their products.

With Salesforce entitlement templates, you can specify the support terms based on template name, support term (days), entitlement process, per incident limit, cases per entitlement, business hours and types of entitlements.


You can make entitlement templates for certain products. When a customer purchases a product, support agents can easily identify and add the right entitlement for that particular purchase

For instance, you can create an entitlement template for phone support or web support for a particular product, say cars. Once a customer purchases a car, your support agents can easily check and see that the purchaser is entitled to receiving web support (or phone support).

Customers who made more than one purchase can be entitled to different entitlements and levels of support.

Create an Entitlement Template

Check the Salesforce Entitlement Management Trailhead module. It’s a helpful guide that defines common terms used. For more details, see the Entitlement Management of Salesforce. Alternatively, go through the steps below.

  • Access product page layouts. Add your list of Entitlement Templates. Optionally, just specify the TYPE and the BUSINESS HOURS field to the related list of Entitlement Templates.
  • Proceed to create the desired template. Access the ENTITLEMENT TEMPLATE page.
  • Click the NEW TEMPLATE button.
  • Enter details (the name of the entitlement template, type, business hours and so on).
  • Click SAVE.
  • To add a newly created template to a product, go to the product’s detail page. Click the ADD ENTITLEMENT PAGE button. Follow the next steps. When finished, click DONE.


*One needs the MANAGEMENT ENTITLEMENT permission to be able to create entitlement templates.

**An organization can use entitlement templates only if products and entitlements are enabled for that organization.

***All users can see entitlement templates using the API (Application Programming Interfaces).

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