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All About Salesforce Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar

Vala Afshar has an interesting role in the Salesforce ecosystem. He’s dubbed as the Chief Digital Evangelist for the cloud computing giant, and he talked all about it and more as he was interviewed by ABC7 News’ Larry Beil last March 2019.

Afshar shared a brief background about himself, how he became a digital evangelist for Salesforce, and some wise words for all social media users of today.

A Brief Personal Background

Vala Afshar moved to the United States with his family at the tender age of ten years old. He couldn’t speak English during that time. But he ended up getting an electrical engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and working for the tech industry until today.

Afshar is now regarded as an amazing industry thought leader, and a great marketing and social media leader as well. He has amassed a large following on Twitter due to his feel-good inspiring posts. He is also a writer, contributor, and a host of weekly video show named DisrupTV.

How He Ended Up as a Salesforce Digital Evangelist

He practically started by evangelizing Salesforce as a happy and satisfied customer.

Afshar has been using the CRM for companies such as Enterasys Networks and Extreme Networks since 2003. He says that Salesforce indeed transformed their businesses. He then wrote books and articles about how Salesforce helped them become successful.

He was then given the opportunity to become a digital evangelist for Salesforce itself when he accepted the post in 2015. He said he was drawn to the compassionate and giving ethos that Salesforce exudes.

Since then, he has become an amazing Twitter storyteller, a regular contributor to tech write-ups, and a book author mostly covering topics on social business excellence. All these activities became Afshar’s platforms to spread the word about the positive work that Salesforce brings to the entire business community.

Afshar and His Life Lessons on Social Media

Afshar is an inspiring fixture in the wild world of technology. He regularly shares tiny nuggets of wisdom on his Twitter platform. And here’s two of his most valuable life lessons about technology and social media:

  • People must maintain that skill of staying teachable. Information is flying everywhere on the Internet. But being open to learning experiences will help people stay grounded in the hyper-connected era we’re all in today.
  • Networking is all about giving, as evidenced by several successful people who share the lessons and experiences they’ve had throughout all these years. A mindset of gratitude is tangibly seen through giving and sharing.

In a Nutshell

Salesforce got an amazing digital evangelist personified by Vala Afshar. He is an inspiration because of his humble beginnings, his wise words, and his life lessons about technology and social media. Following him online on Twitter means opening yourself up to a plethora of valuable business and life lessons.

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