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Amazon Web Services Expands Global Services Through Salesforce

Since its launch 12 years ago, Amazon Web Services has grown to become the world’s most broadly adopted and most comprehensive cloud platform. It offers more than 125 services for storage, compute, networking, databases, machine learning and AI, analytics, mobile, Internet of Things, security, mobile, virtual and augmented reality, hybrid, application development, media, management, and deployment.

There are four principles that guide Amazon – long-term thinking, focus on operational excellence, love for invention, and customer-centric service. And in expanding its global services, Amazon has found a great partner in Salesforce.

AWS’s Growth

AWS was launched way back in 2006. Although Amazon may have already been a large company at that time, the technology behind AWS was quite small as described by AWS Vice President for Worldwide Marketing Ariel Kelman. But even with available resources, AWS did not develop their own CRM software. Instead, they put their faith in Salesforce from the very beginning. For them, Salesforce is not just any other CRM system. It’s also a platform where other functionalities can be built.

Salesforce gave AWS the necessary agility and flexibility in sustaining the rapid growth of customers. AWS was aware that they needed the proper systems and tools that can move as fast as they want to if they are to succeed and Salesforce fit that profile. Indeed, Salesforce’s robustness proved their decision to go with the platform was right.

Enterprise Ready

According to the AWS Director of Finance Michael Eggers, they needed something that’s beyond the basic CRM system. It has to be scalable, intelligent, and able to support their requirements. When AWS was introduced they had no idea which direction the business should and would take but they already knew that if they use Salesforce, it will help in getting whatever goals they have. Salesforce is already enterprise-ready out of the box.

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