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Apple and Salesforce Come Together to Empower Developers

The world’s best industries are not out for themselves alone. Apple, the world’s top player in the technology scene, and Salesforce, world’s #1 CRM company, are joining forces to offer developers from all backgrounds and education a fair and fighting chance.

Salesforce and Apple are coming together to give developers new tools. The two tech giants offer Trailhead. It is a free learning platform by Salesforce, exclusively built on the powerful, native iOS platform and is available online.

Both companies believe that there should be an even field in developing apps and mobile innovation. With Trailhead, millions of people will have access to learning and developing skills that are needed for the jobs of the future.

Apple is set to launch a program aptly named “Get Started with iOS App Development Trailhead Trail”. This will give developers the opportunity to be trained on how to create native iOS apps using Swift, Apple’s programming language, in Xcode. Moreover, the partnership of the two companies will result in the development of the first ever Salesforce Mobile SDK or software developer’s kit, using Swift.

Developers can now make the most of the best business devices in the world—the Mac, iPad and iPhone—through app development, corporate networking, and back-end system integration. On top of the Salesforce Platform, developers will be able to effortlessly and more quickly create and launch native iOS applications with Trailhead securely.

Trailhead will allow developers to create applications that are unique to a user’s requirements. With the power of Salesforce’s CRM and the ease of Apple’s iOS, there will be less time and effort needed to build an app.

Not only will developers acquire skills and earn badges, their careers will also be established. Creating opportunities is forward-thinking that benefits many. This powerful alliance of Apple and Salesforce will surely bring astounding results and the entire business world can’t wait for it to happen.

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