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Apple and Salesforce: Making Tech Simple for Everyone

In a world where technology is evolving by the minute, businesses can hardly keep up. Fortunately, the world’s experts in tech have become industry partners for growth.

Apple and Salesforce have teamed up to make technology simple. These two giant companies have brought together the world’s most advanced operating system, iOS, and the world’s best customer relations management platform.

This strategic collaboration has enabled the use of powerful apps and enhanced customer experience on the best devices for business to date, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. This will transform customer engagement on many levels.

With this partnership, mobile productivity is promoted. Businesses, regardless of size, will be able to develop an exceedingly productive mobile workforce using the best devices, equipped with the new Salesforce applications on iOS. Salesforce’s AI, Einstein, is now connected to state-of-the-art iOS technologies like Widgets, Face ID, 3D Touch, Siri Shortcuts and advanced analytics.

What will this mean for customers? They will have a more enhanced experience such as easily updating one’s Salesforce data and records, getting a daily briefing with Siri, easily posting on CRM, effortlessly adding tasks or taking notes, and many more.

Apple and Salesforce have simplified tech for the world. Both companies are working on not just improving the mobile platform for the benefit of businesses and customers, but also providing tools and resources for hundreds of thousands of developers.

Developers will be empowered and provided with tools to collaborate and create powerful apps on Swift, Apple’s programming language, on top of Salesforce platforms. They can build faster using a sample code. With Trailhead and Salesforce Mobile SDK, developers can learn with ease using specific modules on Xcode, Swift and iOS.

Looking back, Apple transformed personal technology when it introduced Macintosh and it continues to lead innovation with its powerful modern devices. Salesforce revolutionized customer relations management with its software that enabled companies to connect with their clients in a more engaging, influential way. Both companies provide faultless, effective experiences that empower people.

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