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What is Approval Process in Salesforce

There may be instances when the records entered into an organization’s Salesforce system needs to be approved by the members or administrators. To do so, they must use the Salesforce Approval Process. What is this about and how do the organization’s members utilize this function? This post will shed some light about it.

Definition of the Approval Process

The approval process consists of a series of steps to approve a certain record. The approving person must continuously approve in each step of the process until the final one is reached. Approval processes may range from simple to complex, and may deal with either one or more records.

Now, each step may either apply to all records pertaining to an object or selected records that meet specified criteria (if there is one). Actions such as approved, rejected, first submitted, and recalled are all part of the final verdict on the pending record.

Navigating the Approval Process

For an easy and basic approval process, a user can simply navigate to the Use Jump Start Wizard to launch the function. Otherwise, to use the more comprehensive one, use this flow: In the Setup page, look for the Create tab then hit the following selections: Workflow & Approvals > Approval Processes. Select an object for the process. After that, click on Create New Approval Process, and select Use Standard Setup Wizard.

  • Enter Name and Description

The user will be prompted to input the Process Name, Unique Name, and an optional short description.

  • Specify Entry Criteria

This step allows the user to define criteria that need to be met for the approval process to take place.

  • Choose Criteria are met to set filter criteria that records should meet to trigger and enter the approval process. Add the filter criteria on the fields provided. Leave the filter blank if all the records in there will be included in the process.
  • Choose Formula Evaluates to True if a formula will be required to determine the records that will enter in the process.
  • Define initial submission actions

Click on New field update/ email/ task, select Conditions and click on Save.

  • Define Approval Steps

Here, the current user can assign approval requests to several other users through an automatic user field. Bear in mind that the administrator has the sole responsibility to edit the process.

  • Final Approval Steps

Enter the condition for approval of the records then save. The administrator can edit this anytime.

  • Final Rejection Actions

Enter the default actions or conditions that will lead to rejection. After this step, the process will be automatically activated. Hence, no more additional steps can be added or changed.

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