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B2B Marketers: Salesforce Launches Facebook Analytics Tool

Salesforce is ending this year with the launch of its first social media analytic product for B2B marketers – Lead Analytics for Facebook.

The latest integration aims to help marketing campaigns better target and monetize Facebook users.

A Way to Determine the Value of Ad Investments

According to Salesforce product marketing director Chris Jacob, the new tool can be used to keep track of the value of a company’s Facebook ad investments and use the insights gathered in making their resource allocations more properly utilized in their Facebook campaigns.

Jacob understands that the current technology industry has failed the marketer. Available tools for measuring the effects of marketing investments are not enough and in this regard, B2C marketers have the advantage, the official adds.

With the new tool, Salesforce has expanded its footprint from a mere B2C platform and is offering B2B marketing managers new tools for mobile and social advertising.

In One Salesforce Dashboard

The Facebook analytic tool can measure several Facebook ad data presented in a single dashboard, including performance across sales cycles and performance of ads based on types.

In particular, the dashboard can show:

  • Ebook downloads, webinar signups, filled out lead forms, etc.
  • Progress achieved in nurture programs – involving email calls and interactions.
  • Number of closed deals.
  • Effective calls to action and messaging formats.
  • Engagement measurements for ads.
  • Cost for leads
  • Number of leads, etc.

Future Plans

Currently, the tool is still in its test stage. For the future, Salesforce is looking into:

  • Expanding its reach to those who also use Google and Instagram ads.
  • Learning more about which aspects of an organization this solution can be also beneficial. Salesforce thinks that there are other people apart from marketing managers that can benefit from it.
  • Creating products that can connect teams within organizations. By doing this, Salesforce can help these organizations generate more efficient working paradigms.

Currently, only Pardot customers and those with Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio Enterprise Edition subscription can avail of the B2B Facebook tool from Salesforce.

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