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Best Tech Event of the Year: Dreamforce 18

Dreamforce is truly the tech event of the year. Four days of inspiration-filled keynotes and sessions, spending time with fellow Trailblazers, and various opportunities to give back to society—what else can be better?

Dreamforce is a gathering of the most inspiring and innovative minds that is aimed to motivate and rouse attendees towards success, whatever industry or role they belong to in the business world. In the past, notable speakers such as Michelle Obama, Klaus Schwab and Taraji Henson have graced the event.

There is no shortage of sessions, hands-on demos, training and live solutions. There are hundreds of opportunities to learn, be certified, be inspired and expand one’s horizons.

This year I went to Dreamforce and it changed the course of my life! Dreamforce keynote speaker Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talked about Ohana—family—and how important it is to celebrate the family.

At this event, the popular company CEO gathered customers and asked them for honest feedback regarding his keynote. He was open to suggestions and listened to the response of his audience. Benioff is a good example of a person who walks the talk. When he says family is important, he really treats people he considers family as important.

At Dreamforce 18, substantial feature announcements were also made such as the introduction of Customer 360 and Einstein Voice. Two innovations that can spell greater business success.

Customer 360 improves customer engagement and puts together a full-spectrum business solution that will benefit both sides of commerce. Einstein Voice, on the other hand, makes everything so simple yet so efficient—an Artificial Intelligence that helps users control Salesforce apps using their voice. What’s more, with Einstein Voice, there is no need for training, it works on all platforms, is free and is customizable!

Another great thing about attending Dreamforce is that you get to interact with fellow Trailblazers, listen to testimonies and heartwarming stories, and just spend a good time. It should be treated as a family event—a gathering of Trailblazers, from little to big companies, where you inspire and encourage each other. Who knows, you may find yourself getting direction for your next step in life.

This year, more than the tech innovations featured, it was about family, being connected and celebrating each other. If you can only go to one tech event a year, then don’t miss Dreamforce. It will absolutely change your life.

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