Marketing Analytics Is Broken. Salesforce Is Fixing It with AI (And IoT)

Marketers know that they need to collect various kinds of customer-related data in order to facilitate the conception of an effective marketing strategy and campaign. However, research revealed that only 1-3% of these large amounts of data are ever used by marketers. The bulk of the unused data sits idle on the databases of marketers, yet they wonder why they find it so hard to reach out to their prospects and clients in the most personalized way. (more…)

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Salesforce Has Been Named the 1 Best Workplace in Europe by Our Salesforce Ohana

Salesforce earned another exciting recognition from Great Place to Work and Ohana – the honor of being chosen as #1 Best Workplace in Europe. Before this, the cloud computing giant was already bestowed the title for European country-specific awards only in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and France. But now, the recognition becomes Europe-wide! (more…)

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