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Business consulting

Want to improve, streamline or grow your business? We research and analyse your users and your organisation – and then integrate effective solutions.

Emakina’s Insights & Consulting team studies new types of behaviour and how companies should respond to them. It develops the multidisciplinary expertise required to understand modern consumers, who we believe are the chief decision-makers in the digital economy.

Specialists in cognitive psychology and neuroscience work with experts in digital marketing, business, and communications to understand the subtle dynamics involved in their choices.

The group conducts market research to understand target audiences and their experiences, and transforms the results into strategic advice to keep improving your customer journey at all points of contact.

Because this team is integrated with the rest of Emakina, and talking to our other groups on a daily basis, Emakina/Insights & Consulting experts really can provide advice that leads to action. They inject their customer-centric understanding into all of the agency’s projects, working with our UX/UI designers, developers, application ergonomics specialists, project managers and a host of other Emakina experts.

The lessons of this research and analysis can be interpreted into forward-looking strategy to help our customers grow sustainably and profitably, via Emakina Consulting teams.

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