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What Is the Campaign ROI on Salesforce

You will know if your marketing campaigns have become successful if you will measure its outcome against the investment of time, money, manpower, and effort you put into it. Business owners, executives, and employees always yearn to know if they reaped good return of investments before concluding that their marketing strategies and campaigns were a success.

Salesforce came up with a tool to help you track your organization’s campaigns and check if you have indeed profited against the marketing investments you have done. This tool is the report called Campaign ROI.

Defining Campaign ROI Report on Salesforce

Campaign ROI Analysis Report is a tool that calculates the actual performance of a specific campaign based on the outcomes reflected in the system data. This report is generated based on analyzing two main factors:

  • ROI or Return of Investment
  • Value Won Opportunities in Campaign

The Campaign ROI Analysis Report tool can be found under the Reports tab inside the Campaign Reports folder.

Calculating the ROI

There are formulas used to come up with the two values used to automatically calculate the success rate of your campaign’s Return of Investment:

  • To calculate ROI: Net Gain divided by Actual Cost. The answer is expressed in percentage.

Note: To calculate Net Gain, this formula is used: Value Won Opportunities in Campaign minus the Actual Cost.

  • To calculate Value Won Opportunities in Campaign:  Simply add all won and closed opportunities under the Campaign’s Primary Campaign Source.

Why Is Campaign ROI Analysis Report Important?

Analyzing your campaign’s return of investment rate through Salesforce’s Campaign ROI reports will give you a clearer picture of how your marketing campaign fared in your industry. It will show you if your strategies were effective, based on how many opportunities were successfully won and closed.

In summary, Salesforce’s Campaign ROI Analysis Report is an important tool to gauge how well a marketing campaign have performed for a specific period of time. It is an automated tool that calculates return of investment rates, which will otherwise give you a hint at your campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, and worthy investments that made your campaign a success.

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