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What Is Campaign ROI in Salesforce

Are your company’s campaigning efforts worth it in fulfilling your business goals? Or have your efforts become too much that a feasible return of investment is not attainable?

Companies often calculate their ROI or return of investment to determine if their campaigning efforts have been successful in drawing customers and prospects into their business. Good return of investment means that whatever it is that your company has put forth to advertising and marketing campaigns have paid off well in the form of a steady stream of prospects and customers.

Salesforce can help in calculating your company’s campaign ROI. This post shares more information about ROIs reporting in Salesforce.

Utilizing Campaign Reports

Marketing efforts can be recorded on your Salesforce platform through the use of predictions in opportunities. You may then create reports about these opportunities to determine if your marketing efforts were a success or not.

Campaign reports are used to view ROI of campaigns, look into the various prospects you’ve contacted in your campaigns, check who among your prospects responded to your efforts, and analyze the opportunities that arose from your campaigns.

Running Salesforce Campaign ROI Reports

From Setup, click on the Campaigns tab. Run your Campaign ROI Analysis Report from the tab.

Campaign Report Features

Here are some considerations in using Campaign ROI Report features:

  • Campaign ROI Analysis Report looks at your campaign’s average costs and calculates approximate Return of Investment (ROI) values for that particular campaign. ROI can be measured by using this formula:

(Total Value Won Opportunities – Actual Cost) / Actual Cost

ROI results are always expressed in a percentage form.

  • You may use Standard reports to formulate Campaign ROI reports. Campaign hierarchy statistics may be included to show values for the parent campaign as well as all the other campaigns listed underneath it.
  • The Campaign Member Report shows lists of members by campaign. The Campaign Member Analysis gives an overview of who among these members have responded to campaigns that you’ve rolled out.
  • Campaign Leads or Campaign Contacts reports may be used to collate a list of contacts and leads under your campaigns.

In summary, you may look at how well your campaigns did by running reports on Campaign ROI Analysis, as well as reports on other Campaign essentials such as Leads, Contacts, Members, and Member Analysis. When these reports are combined together, you’ll get a picture of how well your campaigns did in gaining the attention of prospects and customers for a specific time frame.

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