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How to Change Engage Campaign Send Limit in Pardot

Salesforce Engage is a feature available in Pardot. It’s used to create customized marketing emails for various customers and prospective clients.

Engage users have the ability to send several emails to a list of prospects on a regular basis. But of course, there will be limitations set on the number of emails created and sent through Salesforce Engage for Pardot. In this post, you will learn about Engage Campaign Send Limits and how to set them accordingly.

What Is A Campaign?

In Pardot, a Campaign is usually a source or a central theme wherein all of your marketing elements are directly associated. Think of it as a specific project where all marketing data and elements are grouped together and connected. Prospects can also be associated with campaigns.

Emails sent to prospects are usually tagged under a specific Campaign. Pardot administrators can access, edit, and manipulate emails by opening the Campaigns to which they were tagged.

Changing the Send Limit

Salesforce Engage users are limited to creating and sending a certain number of emails per day. These limits are set by a user’s Pardot administrator. This is done through five easy steps:

  1. Ensure that you’re in a Pardot page – any page would do. Look for the gear icon located at a Pardot page’s uppermost right-hand corner. Hover over it, and click on Settings. Then, hit Edit.
  2. Look through the selection that will appear. Select Salesforce Engage.
  3. Expand the chosen section by hitting the “+” icon.
  4. You’ll then see a field for Engage Campaign Limit. Enter a new numerical value equivalent to your desired number of email limits per 24 hours.
  5. Hit Save Account.

Take note that these steps can only be carried out by a Salesforce Pardot Administrator.

Important Considerations

Know the following facts about Engage Campaign Send Limit:

  • 200 is Salesforce Engage’s default send limit for emails. Maximum cap is 500.
  • Limits are granted for 24 hours. This might change, depending on each individual’s time zone.
  • All registered users under your organization get only one limit – either the default 200 or the limit you’ve set yourself as an admin. It’s because send limits work on a per-account basis, not necessarily per individual user.
  • That is also why you, as an admin, must check and revise your org’s limit accordingly.

To sum it up, admins can easily set their entire organization’s Engage Campaign Send Limit in a few simple steps. Consideration must be taken when changing the limit because not only one user is affected; the rest of the org gets a singular value of limits.

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