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Changing the Game in Personalization with Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360

As part of the integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360, there is now a marketing Cloud analytics dashboard containing consumer insights from Google Analytics. Moreover, Marketing Cloud engagement statistics are now available in Google Analytics for website optimization and improved attribution.

Using Google Analytics 360

You will now become aware of the impact of your email communication efforts through Google Analytics 360. You can discover there how many users visit your website from email, the time spent on landing pages, time spent on the website after being redirected from email, transactions generated from email, and email bounce back rates.

Salesforce often use insights from Google Analytics to create marketing campaign content ideas. They also use this information when they have to improve engagement with prospect and current customers. They can activate campaigns that they know push a specific metric that they are looking to improve.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 Integration Improve Marketing

Before the integration, gathering insights from Google Analytics and Salesforce Marketing Cloud require manually building dashboards so that everything will be in one place and to know how email engagement affected site visits and vice versa.

This manual method was time-consuming. It could take them up to six weeks before they can get information about site behaviors.

With the integration between Google Analytics and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there is now a single dashboard for every consumer journey that Salesforce use.

This integration is helping drive productivity among the teams and improve business efficiencies. These new insights available in the dashboard will enable the team to showcase results in perceptible ways that were not possible before.

This partnership enables Salesforce to have access to consumer information in just one place. Through this, they can develop personalized marketing campaigns and recognize how a marketing channel is affecting another to drive an action.

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