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Commerce cloud

Sales Cloud is a service from Salesforce.

Commerce Cloud by Salesforce presents to you the best platform, the most helpful tools, and the most attractive environment for your e-commerce business

Create and personalize

shopper journeys.

With Commerce Cloud, your customers can enjoy a smooth, seamless shopping experience using any device and through any channel. By using a unified platform for commerce, you can reach customers and connect with them anytime, anywhere. Perfect for the current shopping generation who want easy access to what they need – convenience is king.
With the power of Salesforce Einstein AI, you can automate merchandising processes and time-saving tasks to give your shoppers quick and reliable service. Einstein also gathers customer data and analyzes them to generate smart merchandising insights and actionable suggestions.
Commerce Cloud is a platform built on an environment that is designed for fast-paced data sourcing, connection, and transmission. With the cloud, you can receive insights on market opportunities at faster rates and process transactions in a split-second. The cloud’s speed and flexibility also enables you to create new costumer experiences, design and launch new sites, and add or upgrade to new features in less time without problems.
Commerce Cloud makes it easy for you to launch new sites for new locations. By using multisite management and localization capabilities, you can create and close transactions no matter what currency or language is involved.
Commerce Cloud powers an abundant selection of technology upgrades and a wide network of technology partners so you can enjoy the benefit of easy access to many innovative features. By regularly creating new and exciting customer experiences, you keep your customers engaged in your business and merchandise.
By integrating Commerce Cloud with Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform, you get access to top notch marketing, community, and customer service solutions so you can market and sell your products and services at lightning speed.

Enjoy many benefits

Salesforce commerce cloud.

Commerce Cloud is packed with features and solutions that will help you build your business and make it grow in record time. Design and build better customer experiences with the following features:
Provide shoppers with flexible buying options and seamless purchase process. Unify online and in-store purchasing processes to keep purchase data aligned. Manage inventory, merchandises and promos through all channels.
Share inspiration, ideas and insights with partners and customers. Provide support, answers and solutions to customer issues, queries and problems no matter what place and from any device.
Automate business and merchandise process, as well as the purchase process. Gain smart insights on consumer behavior and purchasing patterns to identify opportunities for upsell and cross-sell.
Optimize digital customer experience for web, social, mobile and in-store shopping. Encourage deeper shopper engagement by use of attractive and exciting designs or lay out. Building on customer engagement will more likely lead to sales conversion and upsell opportunities. Customize e-commerce store environment and design anytime, anywhere from any device
This add-on unlocks inventory visibility, order life cycle management and allocation logic. Manage orders and ensure that nothing is missed. Make sure that orders sent or requested are aligned with the purchase record to avoid discrepancies. Keep orders served and orders made organized and accessible from one location.
Extend digital commerce into the store to provide customers with limitless product selections and buying options. Empower in-store associates and partners to get involved by accessing the digital inventory, and selling and shipping goods to customers.