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Community cloud


Build your community! Whether you are looking to build a community around your partners, customers or even employees we have the solution.

Build Communities

Build connections.

By providing you with the smart tools to build communities that will connect you to your customers, partners and employees, Salesforce Community Cloud proves to be the best CRM platform for portals building.
With the Lightning Community Builder, you can create custom communities just by clicking on your tools— removing the need for serious, complex coding. And by choosing from a wide selection of pre-built templates, you can easily create and design your communities’ pages and add helpful components as desired.
Use permission enabled functions to create different levels of access for each type of audience. By customizing the content and accessibility of pages, you can ensure that only the most relevant data is viewed by your audiences.
Provide assistance to agents, distributors, resellers and suppliers by building a user experience where you can share information on leads, deals, updates and sales reports that can help them find and close good deals.
By building self-service portals, customers are empowered to seek answers and solutions without help from support agents. Develop FAQs and topic help pages, product and knowledge databases, log cases, and reviews and reports that customers can access and browse at their leisure.

Community Cloud

Maintain connections.

Build and customize communities for your customers, partners and employees using these features:
Provide your communities with access to relevant, helpful content. Customize content and accessibility according to type of audience. Allow customers to post and escalate issues and support cases. Allow employees to share and access business files. Allow partners to update leads and opportunities.
Automated suggestions are tailored to recommend connection to the most relevant content, groups, or experts. Customize recommendations according to needs, interests, behavior or patterns.
Customize your Community Cloud’s environment to fit your business’ nature and brand. Design environments that are simple to use while providing a stunning look and interactive functionality.
Salesforce mobile app allows you, your customers, partners and employees to access the community from any device. Collaborate and connect anywhere, anytime.
Build communities and portals that integrates with Salesforce flawlessly.
Encourage engagement and sense of community by creating custom badges or labels on profiles of members who actively interact and help out other members. Match cases with member badges that have the relevant skills for solving the problem or issue.
Build a community support system that enables customers to create and escalate cases. Customers can view answers and responses directly on the community threads or privately.
Provide customers with easy access to FAQs, articles, news, and tips from community members.
Integrate the community platform with your e-commerce platform. Enable customers to explore and research products to encourage purchase or conversion.Customers can view answers and responses directly on the community threads or privately.
Lightning dashboards are customizable and preconfigured with analytic functions. Analyze data gathered from the community on engagement, adoption and popularity.

Accelerate Productivity

Increase productivity.

Increase your Partner sales by building connection with partners and agents using data sharing features:
Automate the sharing of records, leads and news with partners. Centralize inventory and pricing by integrating third-party systems.
Adjust sharing settings so partners can only access relevant information or content.
ctionable suggestions are provided right from the feed. Integrate third party apps into the business processes by designing custom actions.
Track partner performances and view reports on custom dashboards. Connect partner data from different sources, measure and analyze metrics using Wave Analytics to rank and evaluate partner performances.


Have insightful dicussions.

Create branded communities to encourage employee engagement and increase productivity through these features.

Sync and share files across member’s devices. Organize all files in one location that everyone can access.
Creates groups for each department or type of members to organize discussions, announcements, news and activities. Allow members to share files exclusively within their groups.
Auto-generated topic pages are created for each new topic. Organize discussions and files according topic. Allow users to follow topic updates and access relevant discussion threads.
Employees and groups can collaborate together on projects, check on task progress, and connect with topic experts. Encourage contribution of ideas and innovative suggestions.