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What Is Community Expert in Salesforce

You’ll often have several Salesforce users that excel in their specialties within your organization. Some may be good in Apex codes; others may have a good grasp of creating help texts in Knowledge; any others may be doing well in Salesforce Campaigns.

The vast number of business goals that Salesforce encompasses and seeks to simplify paved the way for the rise of Salesforce community experts. Who exactly are these people, and how can somebody become one?

Definition of Salesforce Community Expert

A Salesforce Community Expert is an org member who substantially knows a lot about a certain specialization of the entire platform. He or she may be considered as a person in authority to speak to other Salesforce org members about the platform and its features. The Community Member shares helpful ideas and tips, and gives baffled co-members insightful advice on how to use Salesforce features easily.

Community Experts are distinguished by a small icon with a star on it displayed next to their names whenever they post ideas and comments. Your platform’s Salesforce administrator freely assigns as many Community Experts as he wishes.

Designating Community Experts in Salesforce

Admins must first set up Salesforce Zones, an area for organizing questions, ideas, and answers, into separate logical groups called zones. Please note that Zones merges communities from Chatter Answers and Ideas since the Summer ’13 release.

Once the admin sets up his Zones, he may then designate his star users to become community experts. A public group is created where the star users are included. The admin then designates this group as a community expert group during the setup process.

Considerations in Designating Community Experts

Here are some things to bear in mind in relation to community experts:

  • The community expert shall be responsible for disseminating official responses regarding Salesforce to the community. He or she is a competent employee of your organization who is actively engaged in Salesforce operations.
  • The Experts group drop-down list must hold the public group wherein all community experts are included.
  • Community experts enjoy the same user permissions as all the rest in the org at his same level does. He doesn’t gain access to special permissions because of his star user status.

In a nutshell, community experts are org members and company employees that display significant knowledge and skills about their Salesforce specialization (or in Salesforce as a whole). They’re designated to become official disseminators of Salesforce information in their respective communities. They also act as resource persons, aiding those members having a hard time using the many features of Salesforce in the organization.

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