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How to Configure the Administrator in Salesforce

Each Salesforce organization has certain profiles that can be assigned to its users. The highest standard profile in this hierarchy is the System Administrator. This post will define what a System Administrator is and how to configure its settings in the platform.

What Is System Administrator Profile?

The System Administrator profile is the highest standard profile available in Salesforce. This profile is often assumed by organization heads. A user assigned with System Administrator Profile can control the platform and manage most of its settings. The Administrator also configures the roles of other organization members to ensure that their Salesforce database remains intact with little to no losses. Administrators are granted with some permissions that are unique and cannot be accessed by other standard Salesforce profiles. The Administrator profile is available in Developer, Unlimited, Performance, Enterprise, and Professional Editions.

Administrator Profile Permissions

Here is a rundown on the different activities that an administrator profile may do:

  • Can customize the Salesforce platform accordingly
  • Can configure the application
  • Able to access most functionalities that do not require additional licenses
  • Can view and override forecasts
  • Can edit set quotas
  • Manages prices of books and other products
  • Certain Salesforce functions may call for the approval of an administrator profile before proceeding to the function

Configuring the Administrator Profile

The user must log-in to Salesforce and look for his name on the upper left corner of the screen. Click on the name, then select Setup from the menu list. Look for the Manage Users selection in the Administration Setup menu. Click on it to reveal the Users, Roles and Profiles settings. Select Users, then select the user that will be configured. Change his profile to System Administrator, then click on Save.

Users currently under the Administrator profile may change their profiles or add and remove administrators as the need arises. They are also free to assign other user profiles to the members of their organization.

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