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How to Configure Library Permission in Salesforce

Salesforce users can create, edit and manage library permissions in the software. For this discussion, we will focus on how to create library permission and how to delete it.

Creating a Library Permission

To create library permission, you need to have the “manage content” feature. If you don’t have it, the “manage Salesforce CRM content” permission will suffice. If you are ready, follow the steps in creating library permission.

  • From Setup, go to Content Permissions. This can be found in the box marked Quick Find.
  • Select Add Library Permissions.
  • Name the permission.
  • Put a description for the permission. This is optional. For multiple library permissions, consider having a different description for each. Effective descriptions are those that identify the library permission’s privileges. An example of a privilege is “add content”. Description for this would read “upload new versions for content”.
  • Go to the Permissions field. Tick the boxes for privileges that you will allow users with this permission to have.

Tip: For CRM content organizations that were created after the release made in spring of 2009, they already have 3 library permissions – the Library Administrator, Author and the Viewer permissions. These three permissions are important for many organizations. If you don’t have them, consider creating all of them.

Additionally, choose the Comments, Add Comments and the View privileges when creating Viewer permission. For Author permission, select Tag Content, Add Comment, Add Content, Archive Content privileges. For Library Administrator, get Manage Library privilege.

Deleting Library Permission

Sometimes, an organization may find one or two library permissions no longer useful for their operations. To delete library permission, access Content Permission. Click Del beside the appropriate permission.

Make sure that you review the list of users that will be affected. Deleting library permission will make them lose access to it. Click the Delete Permission button to confirm.

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