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Connections 2019: The Fusion of Marketing, Commerce, and Service

Salesforce hosted its annual three-day Connections event last June 17-19, 2019. It was held at McCormick Place in Chicago. Connections 2019 was a learning activity that perfectly mixed together ideas from the marketing, commerce, and service industries. All these ideas were collected to improve customer engagement across all kinds of industries.

Here, we take a look at some of the highlights of the Connections 2019 event.

Notable Keynotes

Connections 2019 highlighted keynote talks discussing issues related to marketing, commerce, and services. The topics covered for the keynotes included the following:

  • Become a Trailblazer: Build a 360° View of Your Customer

The keynote focused on helping entrepreneurs see their customers holistically through the use of Salesforce products.

  • Engagement Reimagined for Today’s Connected Customer

This keynote was aimed at helping marketers create customer engagement at scale. Participants were given helpful tips about brand personalization and acknowledgment of customer needs.

  • AI Commerce Platform Powers Premium Customer Experiences

Participants were given insights about how the powerful technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps shape modern customer experiences. The keynote emphasized the reality that commerce isn’t limited to the transactions anymore since it already encompasses marketing and service in its fold.

  • The Age of Human-Centric Service

Businesses are now shifting to customer-centered services to ensure a holistic and connected customer experience. The keynote explained this, and how Salesforce’s Service Cloud allows businesses to connect their business services to make them more human-centric.

Customer Success Expo and Sessions

Fun-filled learning activities, workshops, and booths also dominated the three days of Connections 2019. The expo and sessions provided participants helpful insights and hands-on experience on Salesforce products and services. These learning activities also gave participants a peek on how easy it is to jive marketing, commerce, and customer service with the right tools at hand.

Wrapping It Up

Connections 2019 was a fun-filled and insightful three-day event for entrepreneurs and business-minded people. McCormick Place in Chicago was filled with keynotes, expos, and learning sessions. Attendees learned more about the fusion of marketing, commerce, and customer service, and how technology held them tightly together to create a seamless customer journey.

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