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What Is Contact Manager Edition in Salesforce

You may be a startup business organization, but your continuous operations most likely create several new contacts each business day. You, as a new business operator, need to keep track of these contacts because they’re actually prospective clients who can provide you better business growth in the long run. Losing just a single piece of contact detail might mean a lot to your company.

Luckily, there’s a recent Salesforce edition that specifically targets business contacts and makes managing them easier and faster. This post will tell you all about this new edition called Salesforce Contact Manager Edition.

Contact Manager Edition Defined

Salesforce Contact Manager Edition is the most recent offering from the distinguished CRM company that was initially offered in September 2009. The Contact Manager Edition is a dedicated program that helps small businesses manage their contacts faster and easier.

Contact Manager Edition uses the cloud to effectively manage leads, contacts, and customers. It contains all the essential tools that small businesses need to get the benefits of cloud computing and business automation.

Contact Manager Edition Features

Contact Manager Edition helps small business owners to connect with their respective clients through the following useful features:

  • Contacts and Accounts – Business owners simply need stable Internet connection in order to gain access to all of their contact and account details. Contact Manger Edition fully operates on the cloud, so you don’t need to install hardware or update the platform manually – everything you need to store and manage contacts is quickly accessible in the cloud.
  • Email Integration – This Salesforce edition enables email notifications from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and other similar email systems.
  • Reports – Help your business grow by running reports about your contacts and other activities and gaining useful business insight from these reports.
  • Track Customized Data – You are free to customize the data you wish to track for your organization. Contact Manager Edition is flexible and can be designed to fit whatever your business organization needs.
  • Google Apps Integration – Get more work done through the out-of-the-box integration of Salesforce Contact Manager Edition and Google Apps. Install productivity apps such as calendars, email monitors, videos, messaging, and document apps to help you do more on your Contact Manager platform.

Salesforce Contact Manager Edition is a powerful new Salesforce product that brings the power of cloud computing upon the fingertips of the smallest of business entrepreneurs. With this edition, new businesses can stay in touch with their contacts and build powerful connections with them, leading to productive business growth.

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