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How to Create Draft Article in Salesforce

Fostering client independence in seeking customer care should be one of your goals as an institution. Your customers must be empowered to find solutions to questions they have about you, your company, and your products and services. It is for this reason that building a knowledge base is a must in Salesforce.

Your company can create its own collection of help texts that will potentially help your end-customers find sufficient information to answer their most common questions. Doing so requires the help of Salesforce Knowledge to create draft articles for help texts.

Salesforce Knowledge in a Nutshell

Salesforce Knowledge is a useful feature that lets you build a collection of help articles targeted to your end-customers. Knowledge gives you the opportunity to create your own learning bank, where end-customers can turn to when they need to look up something about your services.

Creating New Draft Articles

You can create new articles that will primarily serve as draft articles until they are queued for publishing. To start making a draft article, follow these steps:

  • Go to Salesforce Knowledge.
  • Click on the Article Management tab.
  • Provide the appropriate article type to your new draft article.
  • Start typing your draft article. You may choose to do it yourself or delegate this task to a collaborator.
  • You have the option to translate your finished article into any language you like. Simply go to the Draft Translations section. Enter the translated version of your original English draft article, then save your work.
  • Your finished draft article and its equivalent translation (if any) are now ready for publishing. Hit the Publish option under the Article Management tab to publish these draft articles and make them live.

The draft article you wrote now turns its status into Published. The article may now be viewed in the help portals which you require it to show up. The completed help articles may be visible internally within the org’s Salesforce application, company websites, or online public knowledge portals.

In summary, Salesforce Knowledge allows the creation of unpublished draft articles that will serve as the framework of a help text. Draft articles are usually done under the Article Management tab and get promoted to published status as soon as the articles are about to go live.

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