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How to Create Draft Translation in Salesforce

Your global customers need to gain access to a wide range of self-standing help materials so that they can look up for answers to possible questions that they have in mind. And your non-English speaking clients might find it hard to understand your website’s help center if you don’t have texts specifically targeted for them in their native language.

It’s a good thing that supporting the needs of your end-customers globally has never been this easier with Salesforce. The Knowledge feature of Salesforce offers you the option to translate drafts of your help articles and publish them alongside the original English version of the articles.

This post will show you how to create draft translations in Salesforce Knowledge.

The Article Management Tab

Salesforce Knowledge comes with the Article Management Tab. This useful tab, when clicked, reveals a plethora of writing and publishing options that are often used to create drafts of help text articles that will soon be published within your Salesforce org and in your respective company web pages.

The Article Management Tab is where you’ll spend more time working on drafts and translations, assigning articles to collaborators, publishing these articles live online, and archiving and deleting obsolete published texts.

Creating the English Draft

Start creating new articles through the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Article Management Tab.
  • Select the article type you wish to use.
  • Choose the language you’ll primarily use for the main article. In this case, it’ll be English.
  • Work on your draft copy. You may also assign this work to a collaborator user if you wish.
  • Save your work.

Translating the Draft

You can easily create translations of your original draft on Salesforce. Note that the translation process is not an automated one. You have to translate your original article to your chosen translation language on your own. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Article Management tab.
  • Locate the View Area and choose Translations.
  • Choose Draft Translations.
  • A list of articles will appear. Select the article you wish to translate and click on Edit.
  • Type in your own translation.
  • Once done, hit Save.

In summary, you can create translated versions of your help text articles on Salesforce for your international clients’ benefit. Working with draft translations is fast, easy, and fuss-free, so why not try it out today and change the way your global customers view your website’s Help Center.

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