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How to Create and Edit Field Sets in Salesforce

Salesforce administrators like you have full control of field sets. These Salesforce elements allow for a more comprehensive organization of data in Visualforce pages. But what really are these field sets, what is their purpose, and how are they created and edited?

Field Sets Defined

The simplest definition of a field set is that it is a grouping of data fields. These sets contain related data fields that are used in Visualforce pages to display that particular group of fields on a single page.

An example of a commonly used field set in Salesforce is one that contains personal information about a certain contact. A field set with fields for first name, middle name, last name, and business position is one such example. A field set containing fields for street name, house number, village name, city name, country, and postal code is also another good example.

What Are Field Sets Used For?

Field sets are used to display various types of interchangeable data on a single Visualforce page. Field sets are also used to help administrators in adding, removing, and reordering fields inside an added managed package as necessary.

Creating and Editing Field Sets

Here are the steps in creating new field sets and editing existing ones:

  • Go to a desired object.
  • Navigate to the object’s management settings.
  • Locate Field Sets, then hit New.
  • Enter your Field Set Label.
  • Enter your optional field set name. This name will be used by Visualforce to reference this particular field set.
  • Locate the Where is this used? area. Type a short description of the particular Visualforce pages that the field sets use.
  • Save everything.

The WWYSIWYG interface lets you simply drag and drop fields manually from the object palette. Drop your chosen fields in the Available for the Field Set or in the In The Field Set container. You’re allowed to drag and drop fields from a certain container to another one.

To edit existing field sets, use the drag and drop mechanism once again to rearrange or remove the field set you wish to delete. Drag the object back to the palette, or click on the minus sign icon you’ll see next to the particular element.

In a nutshell, field sets allow you to group related fields together and helps in rendering data in Visualforce pages. You can add new field sets and edit existing ones using a WYSIWYG editor.

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