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How to Create Formula Fields in Salesforce

Formula fields are important parts of the Salesforce interface. They help users organize large sums of data and enable them to dictate how their particular organization’s data will be displayed. The concept of formulas and formula fields are a bit baffling to the new Salesforce user; hence, this post will shed some light on formula fields and how to create them.

What is a Formula Field?

Formula fields are specialized Salesforce object fields containing a unique user-defined value. The values are pre-defined, allowing greater control over the display properties of his data. Formula fields can be created on both custom and standard Salesforce objects.

What is a Formula?

In the Salesforce platform, formulas refer to executable equations created to perform calculations on various kinds of data. Formulas exist to determine the time when specific actions are to be made on the app platform. They also serve as data validators to assess if the data entered is authentic and acceptable.

Formula Results

Formula results depend on the kind of data that a user desires to calculate. Salesforce utilizes the following data types to show the final calculated value of certain formula fields:


Creating Formula Fields

As mentioned earlier, you can create formula fields out of any custom or standard object. To start making one, go to Setup, then navigate to the Accounts page. Create a new simple field. Select Formula then click on Next. Enter the desired name or label on the Field Label box then select the data type that the formula’s result is expected to show. Finally, click on Next, then you will be taken to the formula editor page.

The Formula Editor

After creating a formula field, proceed to creating a formula equation. It’s done in the Formula Editor page. Here, you will provide the desired expressions on the formula fields, to make them executable on the end page. Some of the useful tools and buttons that one may see in the Formula Editor are as follows:

Insert Field – allows one to select certain fields to be used, and automatically generates a correct syntax for accessing said fields.
Insert Operator – contains choices for logical and/or mathematical operators
Functions Menu – where one can insert and see Salesforce-dictated formula functions
Check Syntax – assesses the final formula to ensure that it’s working as intended

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