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How to Create High-Volume Portal Users in Salesforce

Salesforce high-volume portal users are users with limited access to objects, record or accounts. This feature is the sharing function of the software, and is intended for organizations with millions of users.

Limitations of this Feature

This sharing function has limits, which makes it a different function from the regular customer portal users. In summary, the difference between the two is that the high volume version does not support the full sharing model of the software, while the standard version does.

In particular, with the high volume version, you will not be able to use hierarchy-based and criteria-based sharing rules. You will also not be able to use apex managed sharing.

Steps to Creating High Volume Portal Users

This process typically involves granting users the access to records by creating sharing sets. One needs the Customize Application permission to be able to do this. If you have this permission, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Sharing Setting section. Deselect the checkbox marked Community User Visibility.
  • Access the Setup page. Click Communities Setting.
  • Click the New button. The Edit page will appear.
  • On the Edit page, fill in the boxes marked Sharing Set Name and Label.
  • Put a description.
  • Choose the users you want to have access to the sharing set group.
  • Choose the objects that you are granting users to have access to. For this, go to the Configure Access page. Non-configured objects will be inaccessible or partly accessible to users.
  • On the same page, put your preferred access level for users. The options are Read/Write and Read Only.
  • Click Update. Click Save.

The sharing set allows multiple users to access records associated with a contact or an account. It is also possible to allow access through access mapping in the same sharing set. A user can then access cases related to another account.

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