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How to Create a HTML Email Template with Merge Fields in Salesforce

Business owners can use Salesforce to create professional communication materials such as pre-written brand emails, newsletters, company invites, and proposals. The HTML Email Template tool is usually utilized to facilitate a faster and uniform creation of these important materials.

Why Use HTML Email Templates?

Using this Salesforce tool helps streamline the communication process across the entire business organization. This allows for easier interaction between employees coming from different departments.

HTML Email Templates also make communications formal and organized. They also hasten the communication process between the organization and the large number of customers and business partners that they have.

Merge Fields Within Email Templates

Merge fields are fields that can be placed on email bodies and subject lines. These fields enable the user to integrate record values within the email.

For instance, instead of writing a generic greeting, users may add the email recipient’s name by utilizing a merge field with that value.

Steps on Creating an HTML Email Template

Here’s a step-by-step guide on utilizing HTML email templates with added merge fields.

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Locate Administration Setup and click on Communication Templates.
  • Select Email Templates.
  • Alternatively, from Setup, enter the phrase Email Templates on the Quick Find Box. Email Templates will appear, click on that.
  • A folder named “Unfiled Public Email Templates” will appear. Locate the Create New Folder link and click on it to create a new folder for the new HTML email template. Name the folder and tick the radio button to make it accessible to all org users. Hit Save.
  • Once done, select New Template. A creation wizard then pops up the screen. Click on Custom, then hit Next.
  • Name the template. Tick the option Available for Use then click on Next.
  • A screen for writing the HTML email will appear. Fill the subject line and enter the email’s body with appropriate HTML tags.
  • Add merge field syntax to the email as needed. Use the options within the HTML email editor to easily accomplish this.
  • Once done with the merge fields and email body, hit Next.
  • The email template will then be previewed. Click on the Send Test and Verify Mail Merge Fields button to test-send the email to another contact.
  • A pop-up window appears, enter an email address or choose from a contact. Click OK.
  • A copy of the finished HTML email template will be sent to the test recipient.

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