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How to Create Knowledge Agent in Salesforce

Knowledge agents are your customers’ link to the services you offer. Salesforce has tools to manage how knowledge is accessed and used by your agents.

Setup Knowledge Articles For Use in Chat Answers

Salesforce Knowledge enables your agents to use information stored in your knowledge based in answering customer queries. Chat answers can be set up on articles, making it easier for your agents to search via Live Agent from the Salesforce console.

Creating Custom Fields

You can create custom fields like Text, or Text Area.

  1. Click Setup, then in the Quick Find textbox, type in Knowledge Article Types. Select Knowledge Article Types.
  2. Create a new article type or edit an existing one.
  3. Click on New in the related Fields list.
  4. Choose an option form Text, Text Area, or Text Area (Long). Rich text should not be selected.
  5. Click on Next
  6. In the Field Label, type in Chat Answer. The Field Name should be automatically populated with Chat_Answer.
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Specify the appropriate security settings, then click on Next.

Chat Answer should be visible to editors, authors, and knowledge agents. It should be hidden from your portal users and to those who shouldn’t have access.

  1. Click on Yes, add this custom field to the layout option. Click on Save.

Adding Live Agent to Enable Chat with Customers

  1. Click Setup, then in the Quick Find textbox, type in Apps. Choose Apps.
  2. Click on Edit beside the name of the console app where Live Agent will be set up.
  3. Click on Include Live Agent in this App.
  4. Select the pages or records to be opened as substats of the chat sessions in your chat workspace.
  5. If Knowledge is enabled, you may select the Include Suggested Articles from Knowledge in Live Agent option.
  6. Click on Save.

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