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How to Create a Milestone on Salesforce

Good customer service necessitates the need for a support process which will become the framework of case resolutions. This support process needs to be constantly monitored to evaluate the effectiveness of the responses to individual customer’s cases.

Salesforce created the Milestone feature to help customer service reps monitor individual steps they undertake in a case resolution process. This post will show you how Milestones are created in Salesforce.

Steps on How to Create a Milestone

A Milestone represents a step that must be undertaken by customer service reps as a part of the customer support or resolution process. Milestones can be created then added to so-called Entitlement Processes so that they can be enforced on support records.

Here’s how you create a milestone for your organization:

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Go to the Quick Find Box and type in Milestones.
  • Entitlement Management will appear. Select Milestones from it.
  • Select New Milestone.
  • Type in a name for your new milestone. Naming it after support tasks such as “Resolution Time” may help other org members understand its use whenever they see it on either a work order, entitlement process, or a case.
  • Enter a description for your milestone.
  • Choose your preferred recurrence type:
    • Sequential – Select if you want the milestone to occur repetitively every time a record meets the milestone criteria.
    • No Recurrence – Select this if you want only one-time occurrence of a milestone.
    • Independent – Select if you want the milestone to occur once a record meets the milestone criteria.
  • Save everything afterwards.

The new Milestone is now created.

How Do Milestones Run?

It’s not enough to create new milestones every now and then. They would not work on their own. You must add them to an entitlement process so that they can serve their purpose of defining required steps in a support process.

You can make your Milestones run by adding them to a particular entitlement process that you choose from the Entitlement Processes interface.

Summing It Up

Milestones are useful tools that let you define required steps during a support or resolution process. They ensure that the workflow for customer support is indeed enforced, resulting to quality customer services and better customer experiences.

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