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How to Create or Modify Category Group in Salesforce

Salesforce users can create help texts and share questions and ideas about the platform using Salesforce Knowledge and Chatter. But with the vast number of articles and questions available, it might be hard to classify them properly in the Salesforce platform.

To address this problem, Salesforce created the Category Group feature. This post will show you how it is used.

What Is Category Group?

Category Group is a feature that serves as a container for various individual data categories. It helps segregate and properly group data used in Salesforce Knowledge and Chatter Answers. This feature keeps your Salesforce Knowledge base organized. It also helps Salesforce Answers admins to control which data categories will appear on the Answers tab.

Creating a Category Group

Follow these easy steps to create a new Category Group in your org platform:

  • Login and enter the Setup interface.
  • Go to the Quick Find box and enter Data Category.
  • Select Data Category Setup.
  • Click on New in the Category Groups section. You are allowed to create three active category groups and a maximum of five groups by default.
  • Enter your desired Group Name. Limit it to 80 characters or less. Note that this Group Name shall appear in the Public Knowledge Base, and shall serve as a title for category drop-down menus appearing on the Article Management and Articles tabs. However, this name will not be used in the Answers tab.
  • Modify the Group Unique Name. This name is used in SOAP API to identify your new Category Group. Skip this step if you don’t intend to change the default value.
  • You may now enter an optional description of your newly-created Category Group.
  • Once done, hit Save.
  • Check your email for a message afterwards. Salesforce sends you an email after the Category Group is successfully created.
  • You are now allowed to add sub-categories for your new Category Group.

Editing a Category Group

Existing category groups may be edited in the following manner:

  • Go to Setup and type Data Category in the Quick Find box.
  • Select Data Category Setup.
  • A list of existing category groups will appear. Point and hover your cursor over the desired category group, then click the icon parameters salesforces - signifying the Edit Category Group option.
  • You may now edit desired elements of your Category Group.

In summary, Category Groups are great ways to organize Knowledge articles and Chatter Answers questions, ideas, and answers. The feature allows you to group related information together in a convenient way.

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